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This page provides an introduction and overview to this genealogy program. It is not necessary to 'login' all the data is freely available.

To begin working with the data, choose one of the charts from the Charts menu (I suggest 'pedigree' to start with), then go to Lists and choose an individual. The 'search' box at the top of the page will also find an individual.

There are 4 (unlinked so far) branches of the Roydhouse Family. There is also another branch in the USA which needs more research

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Roydhouse Family Tree
This family tree was last updated on March 7, 2020.
Total surnames1,512
Media objects132
Other records3
Total events11,792
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Earliest birth year1560Thomas Ousey
Birth 1560 Golborne, Lancashire
Latest birth year2019Aria-Rose Anne Delamere
Birth December 11, 2019 Napier, NZ
Earliest death year1637Bryan Ousey
Birth 1592 Lancashire
Death 1637 ‎(Age 45)‎
Latest death year2017 Bette Queenie Stronach
Birth October 14, 1919 Stratford, Taranaki, NZ
Death January 20, 2017 ‎(Age 97)‎ Southland Hospital
Person who lived the longest107Emily Jane Maud Robinson
Birth December 30, 1889
Death June 3, 1997 ‎(Age 107)‎ Invercargill, Southland, NZ
Average age at death64Males: 63   Females: 66
Family with the most children14Phillip Myers + Maria Magdelena Stader
Average number of children per family1.87 
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Most Common Surnames
Booth, Bryant, Cooper, Donaldson, Filmer, Green, Grieve, Jordan, MacCrostie, Maxton, Morton, Myers, Nelson, Norman, Pennington, Rean, Roydhouse, Simmers, Smith, Witton
Roydhouse Family Tree

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Roydhouse Coat of Arms

A Grant of Arms was made to John Roydhouse of the Parish of St. Martin in The Fields in the County of Middlesex Esquire. This Gentleman is described as being one of the Justices of the Peace for the City and Liberties of Westminster. The arms granted to him and his descendents by Letters Patent, dated February 9 th 1714 were:

"Azure on a Bende engrailed Argent, between two Talbots Pass ent Cr. Three Bunches of Grapes Proper, and for the Crest, on a Wreath of The Colours, a Demi Archer Proper, habited vert. Holding in the Dexter Hand a Silver Arrow the head downwards and in the Sinister a Long Bow Or."

MOTTO : CAUTE SED IMPAVIDE        (Cautiously but without fear)

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Dobson, AndrewMale
Roydhouse, Helen JaneFemale
AndrewOctober 2001522Marriage 
Gittins, Jennifer AmyFemale Jennifer AmyOctober 1985138Birth 
Nelson, Riley RichardMale Riley RichardOctober 1991032Birth 
Pennington, TomMale
Underwood, ClaireFemale
TomOctober 2002421Marriage 
Reiham, Mere Ann Maree KingiFemale Mere Ann Maree KingiOctober 1, 1993230Birth 
Roydhouse, Anne-MarieFemale Anne-MarieOctober 1, 1979344Birth 
Roydhouse, Phillip StevenMale
Hodgson, Elizabeth A.Female
Phillip StevenOctober 2001622Marriage 

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